Summer camps for children and teens


Filmmaking & Acting Camp
Ages 13 – 17 years

Shoot, act in, and edit your own film while discovering how movies are made. Learn the fundamentals of acting and filmmaking, as you learn to compose a story. Plan a production schedule, write the script, set up your lighting and shoot your short films in HD, adding special effects as you edit.
What Students Learn
– The movie making process start to finish
– How to use a camera to tell stories via shooting techniques
– How to work on a team
– How to give and receive constructive feedback
What Students Create
– 1 short film, Commercial, or PSA
More About This Course
Our filmmaking classes will teach you how to master the movie production process and express your own creative voice through storytelling! You’ll develop a story idea with a production team, then turn that concept into a script. Master creative camera angles and unique shots to create an exciting and unique movie all your own.
Friday Showcase
At the end of each week, attendees can invite their family and friends to join them for a showcase celebration to share their final projects. Learn more about the fun and exciting activities your child experienced during the week.



Adventures in Filmmaking
A different film is made each week!
Ages 8 – 12 years

Students will write and star in their own original short film.
They will be guided to collaborate with their peers bringing their thoughts and ideas to the page, and from the page to the screen.
Students will learn how to collaborate in creating a short movie and practice shooting and editing techniques to create a cohesive movie.
This is a one-of-a-kind experience, and we are thrilled to be able to see what ideas our students come up with and help them make it a reality on screen!
The week will conclude BY SHOWING THE FINAL PROJECT ON THE BIG SCREEN IN FRONT OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Students will leave the camp with the production skills required to create a movie, along with footage of their very own short film.





Start Your Own YouTube Channel Content Creation & Streaming with YouTube
Ages 8 – 12 years, Ages 13-17

Be the star of your own show with a YouTube channel you create yourself.
At the beginning of the week, students will learn how to utilize fundamental YouTube features and create content around their specific passion or interest.
At the end of the week, students will have learned to create their YouTube channel from scratch, configure their live stream, engage a live audience on Twitch, and create engaging content for YouTube.
Plan a production schedule, write the script, set up your lighting, and add special effects as you edit. Create custom thumbnails and channel graphics.
Learn how to post your polished pieces and build an audience, then shoot one final video in any style you choose.
Friday Showcase
At the end of each week, students can invite their family and friends to join them to showcase their final projects.


Acting & Improvisation Camp For Children & Teens
Ages 8 – 12 years, Ages 13 – 17 years

In this summer camp, students will develop a solid acting technique and foundation. Working on:
IMPROV WORKOUT: Fun improvisational games & exercises.
Practice auditioning techniques & get on camera experience.
SCENE STUDY: The best way to learn is through hands on experience with direction. Work on scenes & monologues
VOICE INTENSIVE: Vocal and speech exercises.
Acting Classes For Kids in LA



Musical Theater For Children & Teens
Ages 8 – 12 years, Ages 13 – 17 years

The musical theater class focuses on singing, dancing, and acting. In-depth musical theater training, dance combination, song preparation/vocal performance, and scene work is taught at our Acting Classes For Kids in Los Angeles.
Acting Classes For Kids in LA



Fairytales & Superheroes – Kids Acting Courses
Ages 5 – 7 years

In this acting class for kids in Los Angeles, we will choose our favorite characters from well-known literature like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Batman, and Spiderman. There will be drama games, music, and dance, as we work together to create our very own superhero and fairytale mini play!

Acting Classes For Kids in LA




Summer Camps Los Angeles| |Acting Classes for teens and Acting classes for kids.
If your child or teen is passionate about acting, the best place for them to start would be with our: Acting Classes for teens and Acting classes for kids.

Our performing arts school in Los Angeles trains actors to become professional working actors in Theatre, film and television. If you are not currently in Los Angeles we also offer Online classes for teens. Michelle Danner’s Los Angeles acting school Children & Teen Program offers comprehensive training to build and refine the skills you need to succeed in the business. To sign up for children acting classes and Summer camps for kids in Santa Monica




Learn the best acting techniques for film and TV. Book your next role. Schedule a one on one interview with Michelle Danner to be considered for enrollment and to learn about all the acting classes and acting courses we offer in Los Angeles. *Learn how to stand out in the audition room.
The Michelle Danner Acting Studio’s philosophy is that artists can draw upon all different acting techniques and form an individual toolbox, their own Golden Box. We will help you to develop your own “Golden Box” of techniques and tools that you can use when approaching a role or a scene, whether it be for film, television, or theater. The Acting School’s acting techniques are based on Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov, & the Stanislavsky Technique.
Michelle Danner is an international film director & acting coach. Her student list include James Franco, Seth MacFarlane, Salma Hayek, Henry Cavill, Zooey Deschanel, Gerard Butler, Chris Rock, Chris Martin, Penelope Cruz, Michael Pena, Michelle Rodriguez,  Kate Del Castillo and many others.
Our acting school offers the following acting techniques in our acting classes: 
Stella Adler Technique| Meisner Acting Technique| The Stanislavski Method| Uta Hagen Technique.
Below is a list of some of our acting classes:Acting Classes for Beginners,Acting Workshops: Breaking into Hollywood.Acting Workshops: Golden Box.Scene Study Class.Voice & Speech Class.Musical theatre classes Los Angeles.Summer Camps Los Angeles| Acting classes for kids.Summer Camps Los Angeles | Acting Classes for teens. Auditioning for film and TV | Teen and kids. Online classes for teens.Learn Acting at one of the Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles2437 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405. Phone: 310.392.0815 Email: